Attain Nirvana with a visit to the exotic isles of Thailand. Be treated like Thai royalty with a set of
services that encompass the decadence and splendor of this culture’s customs. Through wisdom,
nurturing and the path to peace, you will become completely at one with your surroundings.
S i gnatur e Tr eatment
Thai Kelapa Ritual
Be transported to the exotic kingdom of Thailand with this cleansing body ritual. Includes
traditional Thai herbal therapy, a purifying scrub and Thai-style foot massage. Complete the
experience by sinking into a deep wooden soaking tub prepared with flower blossoms and infused
with tropical fragrances.
Mas sage
Thai Herbal Therapy
Nurture your tired spirit with this revitalizing treatment also known as Samunprai. A hot poultice
filled with medicinal herbs is used in combination with a healing blend of Thai massage and
aromatherapy techniques to relieve muscle tension, detoxify your body, and invigorate your mind.
The poultice is yours to keep.
Abhayanga Massage
A therapeutic treatment that blends Ayurvedic massage with European techniques. Using hot
oil, this rhythmical and deeply relaxing massage helps to move the “prana” or life force which
stimulates your body’s vital energy.
Fac i al
Tropical Paradise Facial
A luxurious facial designed to make you feel like island royalty. Completely customized based
on your skin type, using all the most innovative products and technology to improve facial
contour, skin tone and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Includes microdermabrasion, microcurrent
technology, an anti-aging eye treatment, and neck and shoulder massage.
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