Just like the active volcanoes leave the breathtaking Hawaiian landscape nourished and rich, this
island journey across the Pacific will leave you renewed, refreshed and reenergized. This collection
of treatments is ideal for those seeking noticeable results.
S i gnatur e Tr eatment
Lomi-Juma Ritual
Journey to the exotic island of Hawaii with this uplifting body therapy. A gentle exfoliation and
aromatic tub soak prepare your body for a 50-minute Lomi-Jumi massage: a fusion of therapy
maneuvers indigenous to the classic Pacific and modern Mediterranean. This treatment is designed
to lull you into total tranquility.
Mas sage
Sticks and Stones Massage
Surrender to the healing warmth of this massage. The use of heated volcanic river stones and
bamboo and rattan massage tools will penetrate the deeper layers of your muscles to take you
to a new dimension of relaxation.
Body Tr eatment
Island Mud Wrap
This lavish wrap begins with an exfoliating scrub that prepares the skin for treatment. Then,
warmed mud from the richest waters of the world is lathered over your body, imparting extreme
concentrations of essential salts and minerals. The benefits of these elements are further
magnified by enveloping your body in a tight, warmed wrap. An excellent treatment for activating
circulation and metabolism, as well as providing slimming and firming results.
Fac i al
Retreat Facial
Our most results-oriented facial. Using a boost of 100% pure Vitamin C, this antioxidant
treatment relieves sun-damaged skin and helps fight the signs of premature aging to improve
appearance and stimulate collagen production, renewing skin’s firmness. Choose between a
micro-scrub or peel depending on your needs. 80-minute version includes a hand, foot and
back massage.
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