Your body is a temple. Treat it as such and experience everything this content, colorful culture has
to offer with a compilation of sumptuous services, including the unique and rhythmic Balinese
massage that is our signature.
S i gnatur e Tr eatment
Javanese Lu’lur Ritual
Lu’lur offers an authentic island experience inspired by royalty. A Balinese-influenced massage
with exotic oils encourages wellbeing and prepares the skin for an exfoliation with ground rice and
purifying turmeric infused with jasmine and hibiscus. Relax in a restorative bath to further balance
and soften the skin. A rich coco cream moisturizer finishes this luxurious treatment.
Mas sage
Balinese Massage
Inspired by a centuries old tradition for healing in Indonesia, Balinese massage provides a
complete sensory experience by combining techniques of palming, kneading, stretching and
pressure point massage to immerse the body in relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. Exotic
aromas and nourishing oils leave you feeling calm and renewed.
Body Tr eatment
Coco Cream Wrap
Therapeutic dry brushing prepares the skin for a luxurious, warm coco cream
wrap using natural cloth. After an uplifting face, scalp, and foot massage,
the sumptuous blend is further smoothed in to reveal highly nourished and
protected skin.
Fac i al
Paradise in Bali Facial
This ultra-hydrating facial uses products that contain a premium blend of
natural and active ingredients, designed to leave skin refreshed, relaxed
and completely pampered. 80-minute version includes a hand, foot and
back massage.
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