Discover the calming energy that resides in this tropical corner of the world with Fijian treatments
that utilize rich minerals, coconut oil and nourishing sugars. Your body will feel rejuvenated, while
your mind is at peace.
S i gnatur e Tr eatment
Island Bliss Ritual
Escape and replenish the body, mind and soul with this unique journey for the senses. Your ritual
begins with a full body exfoliation of the skin with Fijian cane sugar infused with aromatic oils.
Next, the body is drenched with exotic health-promoting oils and wrapped with warmed beach
stones. While wrapped, you will receive a calming Fijian scalp treatment. Your ritual concludes
with a 50-minute massage allowing you to drift away peacefully on an island breeze.
Body Tr eatment
Fijian Anti-Aging Therapy
Prevent the signs of aging with this ancient Fijian body treatment, beginning with a gentle body
brush exfoliation that stimulates circulation and opens pores. Then, a honey masque is melted
into your skin using warm stones to hydrate, tighten and tone. A Fijian scalp treatment is then
performed with warmed exotic drift nut oils to further the relaxation and add shine and body to
your hair. Finish with an application of exotic oil, adding an extra boost of hydration and leaving
the skin glowing and the body rejuvenated.
Island Fresh Scrub
Uncover smooth, glowing skin with this gentle exfoliation derived from raw sugar crystals and
coconut oil. The 50-minute version includes a body butter that is gently massaged into the skin,
locking in moisture as it softens.
Heavenly Soak
Unwind in a wooden soaking tub with a heavenly scented fusion of rich mineral sea salts and
essential oils that soothe nerves and remineralize the skin.
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